Here are some other things I made.

I like painting  and creating things.....

These are my favorite hobbies!

I painted Justin Beiber shirts for the concert!

Here is a sculpture of a butler I made out of sculpty clay!

Here is an acrylic painting I made 4 years ago!

I painted this picture of my daughter on a plate at “Fire It Up” in McMurray!

I will add more pics when I find them!

Here is a charcoal Tiger drawing

Here’s a sailboat tile back splash I am working on

I drew this back in college

I am working on this oil is my very first time working with oils........this painting stands about 3 ft tall.

I hand painted and made these

T shirts for concerts I attended when I was in high school.

I also made them for my friends to wear to the concert.

I air-brushed this when I was in college...back in the

Here are a couple more sketches from my college days (one line).

New wood wall art creations I am making now.

Here is my newest drawing for my next project