Here's a little info about me

(Rebecca Kanar)

I am a single mom from the Pittsburgh area.

I have been twisting balloons for about 15 years. I learned how to

twist balloons from a dear friend known as "Tootsie" the clown

from Pittsburgh (very cute clown I might add). I fell in love with

balloon art (and now face painting too). I give

all my creative talent credit to God for giving me such

a wonderful gift. My goal is to make people happy

which in turn makes me happy!

As a hobby and for deliveries,

I enjoy inventing creations from

books, photos, or objects.

I made my basset hound Freddy

out of balloons!

A lady at a restaurant wanted me

to make her a ducky hat like mine!

I made my waitress

out of balloons!

Here is a balloon owl I made from

looking at a picture book!

I made this frog catching a fly from

looking at a picture book as well!

Does anyone remember these? They are Little People ALL made out of balloons!

I enjoy making people happy and I

love to see peoples faces light up

when I hand them a colorful

balloon creation!

I am very proud of my talented aspiring

balloon twisting daughter who has

already won her first award

for balloon twisting!

She is STILL at it today!

(her friends are pretty good twisters too!)